Frequently Asked Questions

The facts you need to know before you fill out your ballot and Vote March 5.

Affordable Housing

How much affordable housing will be built at the beginning of this project and how much can be built over time if it is approved?

We will provide housing in Aspen for 67 employees before Lift One Lodge and Gorsuch Haus open. This is fully compliant with the City of Aspen’s land use code.

Additionally, both Lift One Lodge and Gorsuch Haus will contribute significant and ongoing funding for affordable housing through the Housing Sales Tax and the Real Estate Transfer Tax. Over the next 30 years, the two lodges will generate an estimated $42 million in housing funds, enough to build 168 units and house approximately 336 people.

To put this amount in context, that is enough to build twice as much housing planned for 
Burlingame Phase 3.

Conservation Zoning

Can anything be built on the “conservation” zoned land that Gorsuch Haus wants rezoned to “lodging”?

Conservation zoning in Aspen allows low-density residential development. The six acres that entails Gorsuch Haus allows up to four modest-sized houses or one much larger house.

There is precedent for hotel and ski area development on conservation zoning. The Gondola Plaza and Little Nell Hotel are located on land that was zoned “conservation.”

Gorsuch Haus has agreed to extinguish any future development on five of the six acres it would own if voters agree to rezone the one-acre site to Lodge zone to accommodate the hotel.

Cost Sharing

What are the terms of the $4.36 million City contribution toward the Lift One Corridor?

The City will contribute no money whatsoever until the new lift is installed and is ready for use. The City’s contribution will only be spent on public elements of the corridor.

That includes a portion of the work preparing the Skiers Chalet Lodge for the Aspen Historical Society. Each lodge has committed $1 million toward the work as well and will cover any cost overruns. Aspen Historical Society will take ownership of the building once remodeled and relocated.

The City has also committed to a portion of the Dean Street improvements that will access the new ski lift plaza, surrounding public parks and 50 public, city-owned parking spots in the garage off Dean Street.

Are these private developers being subsidized?

No. Lift One Lodge and Gorsuch Haus are both paying for all the work associated with their projects, including the underground infrastructure needed to support the new lift. They are also paying for improvements to Dean Street, Juan Street, Gilbert Street, and South Aspen Street.