Press Release: Lift One Lodge unanimously approved by Aspen HPC


October 25, 2018


Lift One Lodge unanimously approved by Aspen HPC

City Council to take up plan for bringing Lift 1A back to town on Nov. 12


The Aspen Historic Preservation Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to recommend approval of a major amendment to existing approvals of Lift One Lodge.


“This is an excellent project with an excellent site plan showing an excellent adaptive reuse,” said Historic Preservation Commission Chairwoman Gretchen Greenwood.


The commission’s recommendation sets the stage for review of the Lift One Lodge proposal by City Council beginning November 12. It comes just eight days after Aspen Planning and Zoning also voted unanimously to recommend approval of Lift One Lodge.


Historic Preservation commissioners praised the work of the Lift One Lodge and other stakeholders for coming up with a way to highlight Aspen’s ski history and revive the original base area of Aspen Mountain.  The Lift One Corridor Plan was collaboratively developed by Lift One Lodge, the Aspen Skiing Co., Gorsuch Haus and the city of Aspen. The Aspen Historical Society, Dolinsek family and Aspen Valley Land Trust were also involved.


Lift One Lodge redesigned its existing approval for a two-building lodge to create a 60-foot wide corridor for a lift and return skiing. The plan calls for a new telemix lift 500-feet lower down the hill from the existing Lift 1A. The new lift will load at the same site as historic Lift 1, which operated from 1946-71.


Other key elements of the site plan include:

·      Remodeling Skiers Chalet Lodge and moving it down to Dean Street. Ownership of the building will be transferred to the Aspen Historical Society to house an Aspen Ski History Museum.

·      Onsite relocation and rehabilitation of the historic Lift 1 bull wheel, one tower and chairs next to the new lift in a way that spotlight’s its historic role in Aspen. The other two historic lift towers will be relocated in the original path of Lift 1 with informative signs to explain their historic place in Aspen’ ski history

·      Reopening the Skiers Chalet Steakhouse as a restaurant;

·      Open space and park enhancements for Willoughby Park, Lift One Park and Dolinsek Gardens for year-round use and public access up the west side of Aspen Mountain


“We are grateful that both the Historic Preservation Commission and Planning and Zoning Commission recognize the collaborative, thoughtful work that went into Lift One Lodge and the Lift One Corridor Plan, “said Michael Brown, a member of the Lift One Lodge team. “We are excited to be part of a unique opportunity to bring Lift 1A back into town and restore some of Aspen’s great historical assets — both Skiers Chalet buildings, historic Lift 1 and the view corridor up Aspen Mountain through Lift 1 Park.”


The Commission’s recommendation sets the stage for City Council to begin review of both the Lift One Lodge and Gorsuch Haus applications that are at the center of the plan to bring Lift 1A into Aspen’s core.


Lift One Lodge is key because it needed to be redesigned in order to create a path for return skiing and the lift. Gorsuch Haus is key because its application triggers the installation of a new lift. These projects will be part of one ballot question that is currently slated for February or March 2019.


Both applications are scheduled for public comment and second reading at the Nov. 12 and Nov. 26 City Council meetings.



Sarah-Jane Johnson