Letter to Editor: Lift One is best option for Aspen

If I had my druthers, Aspen would still have only one stop light and some of the streets would still be unpaved. But Aspen is on more people's radar as a place to visit. More and more people want to be in Aspen! That's the town we live in now.

Do I want the 1A side of the mountain developed? Not really. However, I'm trying to be realistic. The land is going to be developed one way or another.

Many people believe that "conservation zoning" is similar to a "land trust." It's not. Conservation zoning creates a link between the town and the mountain. The land can be developed even with the conservation zoning by a private developer.

Do you know that the property where Gorsuch Haus is proposed allows for residential development? With Gorsuch Haus, at least we know what we are getting: a modest-sized hotel. With a private developer, who knows? Read more here.

Sarah-Jane Johnson