Letter to Editor: Lift One deserves support


The Lift One Corridor project deserves a favorable vote from Aspen citizens. It is a product of extensive collaboration between the Aspen Skiing Company, the hotel developers and the city of Aspen.

Project opponents have supplied some unfortunate misinformation. I am hoping that Aspen voters will reflect instead on the long and very careful process leading to this decision point. The Lift One Lodge has full approvals in place to construct their hotel project. They voluntarily agreed to a postponement for a careful analysis of lift alternatives by an independent third-party consultant and contributed to the cost of the study. That study resulted in a determination by city council that the lift should be returned to its original base, as close to town as possible. This required significant revisions by both hotel projects to accommodate the lift corridor and associated skiway. Working in close collaboration with the city of Aspen Parks Department, a design for the base area was developed to provide a beautiful new park facility complementing the new lift. With an even exchange of land between the city and the Lift One Lodge property, a continuous park has been designed for winter and summer activities. This will result in a park is almost as large as Wagner Park to replace the derelict parking lot and currently fragmented park space. The new lodges will revitalize an area that has long lost its attraction to all but a few Lift 1A diehards. This is a winning plan that merits your support.

Stan Clauson


Sarah-Jane Johnson