Election Q&A

  • When is the City of Aspen Municipal Election taking place? March 5, 2019

  • Who can vote? All registered City of Aspen voters are eligible to vote.

  • How can residents register to vote? - Online at www.govotecolorado.com; online at www.pitkincounty.com; or, by submitting an application to the Pitkin County Clerk's office through mail or in person.  

  • Is there a deadline to register to vote?  Colorado voters may register on election day.  

  • When are ballots being mailed? Ballots will be mailed February 11, 2019.  

  • What do voters do with their ballots?  This is a mail-in election, so fill out the ballot and mail it back in the envelope provided.

  • Is there a ballot number for Lift One Corridor? No, Lift One Corridor is the only question on the ballot so has no number.

  • What’s the deadline to vote?  Tuesday March 5, 2019.